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Boy Baby Shower Invitations

Should the gender of your baby influence your choice of invitations, selecting boy baby shower invitations or girl baby shower invitations as appropriate?

The answer of course in part depends upon when you are planning to hold your baby shower and whether or not you know the gender of your baby. Although traditionally baby showers have been held when baby is about one month old, increasingly people are choosing to hold their baby shower before the birth and, in many cases, have chosen not to know the gender of the baby. In this case clearly gender cannot influence your choice of invitations and you will need to pick something neutral.

However, when you do know the gender of your baby should you select girl or boy baby shower invitations?

The simple answer is that this purely a matter of personal preference and will generally depend upon whether or not you are basing your baby shower around a particular theme. For example, if you have decided on a Winnie the Pooh theme for your baby shower then it would make sense to make or buy invitation cards which reflect this theme, rather than the gender of the child. But, if you have not selected a theme then choosing cards focusing on your baby, and thus the gender of the baby, would be a good route to follow.

One of the great things about a baby shower is that it should be relaxed and everybody should have fun. So, don’t worry too much about convention but simply follow your own instincts and do whatever you feel most comfortable with.

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