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Make Your Own Baby Shower Favors

Now you can of course pop out and buy a number of excellent precious moments baby shower favors but that is not strictly necessary as you will find that it is simple enough to make your own baby shower favors.

Baby shower favors do not need to be complicated and you will find that your guests will be pleased with a favor which they know you have taken the time and trouble to make yourself and will be especially happy if that favor reflects not only the occasion but your personality as well.

If, for example, you are a gardener then how about potting up some cuttings of one of your favorite flowers (perhaps with your baby’s name or the word ‘baby’ in the name of the flower) and wrapping the pots in felt cut into the shape of a diaper and secured with a diaper pin.

Or how about some candy bar baby shower favors? A decorated box or cellophane bag tied with a ribbon and containing a selection of homemade candy can made a wonderful favor. However, once the candy has been eaten the favor is gone. So, with this particular type of favor you might like to think about including some form of baby related charm which your guests can keep as a memento, or perhaps even a handwritten verse or poem.

You can also think outside of the box when it comes to mementos. For example, if many of your friend are golfers of enjoy fishing, then how about some umbrella favors for a baby shower? Choose the color of your umbrellas to match the theme of your party and personalize them with a little discrete hand decoration.

The ideas for handmade baby shower favors are almost endless and range from soaps and handmade cookies to potpourri sachets and charm bags, but that little bit of extra time and effort that will go into making your favors yourself will be very much appreciated and you will undoubtedly be more than a little pleased with the result yourself.

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