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Unique And Different Baby Shower Games


There are literally hundreds of games which you can play at a baby shower but the secret is to find some unique and different baby shower games, which often means simply taking an established game idea and then putting your own twist on it to make it unique.

Party games are an essential element of party showers and variety is the key so that you should plan to have several different types of game for your guests which every guest should be able to participate in and which should last just a few minutes each. You also want to ensure a good mix of games so that over the course of the party everyone wins at least one game. Your games should also focus around the theme of your party or the general ‘baby’ theme, involving items directly connected with your baby and including such things as perhaps baby food or diapers.

Popular games involve a variety of different word games and guessing games, such as those which you might find at a local fair or fete. Just what you decide to play in the way of games is very much a matter of personal preference but remember that the secret is to ensure that your guests have fun.

If you are not very good at coming up with games ideas then simply ask your friends for some ideas or take a look online where you will find hundreds of ideas for baby shower games including such things as baby shower bingo games, baby shower poem games, baby shower trivia games, a pass the parcel baby shower game, candy baby shower games and even baby shower games for men.

Remember that games do not have to be complicated and indeed should be anything but complicated. They should also be short, baby related and a mix of both mental and practical games – switching between a simple guessing game and ‘pinning the diaper of the baby’ for example.

And don’t forget that people love to win games but also love to win prizes so have a prize or two on hand for some of your games and make the prizes themselves fun.

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