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Wording For Baby Shower Invitations

When it comes to the wording for baby shower invitations then the rule is simply that there is no rule. Unlike many other invitations, such as wedding invitations, there really is no convention and you can word your baby shower invitations in just about any way that you like.

This said, you must remember that it is an invitation and so there are some essential pieces of information which you must include.

For example, your invitation needs to state clearly that it is an invitation to a baby shower and must give the location of the party and its date and time. It also needs to let the guests know who the invitation is from and, if applicable, the name and gender of the baby. Remember too that, if the shower is being held in advance of the birth and you know the gender of the baby, then it might be helpful to make this public at this time as it will help your guests when it comes to choosing a gift to bring along.

And, while on the subject of gifts, if you intend to have a theme for your party (such as ‘bath time’) and would like gifts associated with this theme, then this too would need to be included in your invitation.

Similarly, if you intend to play games at the party which require your guests to bring something along with them (such as a photograph of themselves as a baby) then this again needs to be put into your invitation.

Finally, do not forget to include a phone number so that guests can let you know whether or not they will be attending and so that they can get in touch with you if they have any questions.

In addition to these required items it is also customary, although not obligatory, to include a cute verse or poem on your invitation. Generally you would pick different verses or poems for boy baby shower invitations and girl baby shower invitations and you will find that there are lots of free baby shower invitation wording examples available online.

As far as the design of the invitations is concerned there are again many sample baby shower invitations available online and you can also buy blank and fill in baby shower invitations which make life a lot easier these days.

Do not forget too that you may well decide to give your baby shower a specific theme and, if you do so, then you need to set this theme right from the outset with your invitations.

Where can I get Winnie the Pooh baby shower invitations? Don’t worry, we’ll even answer that question for you.

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