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Home Schooling Law

Are you aware of the home schooling laws? Read on.

Are you aware of the home schooling law? Read on.

Although it comes as a surprise to many parents, home schooling is perfectly legal throughout the United States, although individual states do impose their own home schooling law which must be strictly adhered to.

The provisions of home schooling law across the 50 states varies very widely with some states, such as Idaho and Texas, placing few restriction on parents and others, such as Massachusetts and New York, taking a fairly heavy handed stance on home schooling.

Home Schooling Law in the courts

Home schooling is allowed under law in all 50 states in America. Over the years numerous attempts have been made to impose greater state control over home schooling, and indeed to make public school attendance compulsory, but the vast majority of these have failed and court decisions have been firmly in favor of parents since an historic Supreme Court ruling in 1925 which affirmed that the care and education of a child was the responsibility of the parents and not of the state. The common view of the justice system is that parents are allowed to home school their children as long as it meets the requirements and standards defined and laid out by the state in which you reside.

Despite the legal position, each state is permitted to regulate home schooling and so it is vital that parents undertaking home schooling acquaint themselves with the requirements of their state and follow these requirements to the letter.

In 1983 the HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) was established to fight for the rights of home schooling parents and this is an excellent starting point for parents seeking to understand their legal position. The state requirements are often available online however for the most up to date information, seeking advice in person from your local state government body is a must. Understanding the specific home schooling law, or laws , that apply in your state will assist in making the transition to home schooling smoother.

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