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How To Home School And Home Schooling Requirements

What are your motivations for home schooling your child?

There are more that one million children being home schooled today in the United States and home schooling continues to grow in popularity.

But do you know how to home school your child and what the current home schooling requirements are?

If you are attracted to the idea of teaching your children at home but have not yet taken the first step along this road then you will have a list of questions and our aim is simply to provide you with the best home school resources to answer those questions and help you make a difficult but extremely important decision.

What are your motivations for home schooling your child?

Home Schooling And Its Pros and Cons

The first thing you need to do of course is to sit down and think about why you want to teach your children at home, rather than to send them to your local public or private school.

We look at home schooling versus public schools and consider some of the factors which might lead you do choose one of the many home schooling programs. We also examine both the advantages of home schooling and the disadvantages of home schooling.

If you do decide that this is the best route for your children then the next thing you need to think about is home schooling law. All states permit you to teach your children in your own home but there are nevertheless considerable differences between the states when it comes to what you can and cannot do.

Another very important question you need to ask yourself is whether you are up to the task. Teaching your children at home may well be something which you decide you want to do in theory but practical home schooling is quite another matter.

Finally, having reached the decision to teach your children yourself, you then need to consider just how to start home schooling and you will also need to look at choosing the right home school curriculum and finding sources for the necessary home school supplies.

Throughout this section of the website we will guide you through the requirements for home schooling and provide you with the best on line home schooling information and advice we can muster.

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